Welcome to my BLOG

Hi there! My name is Hayley.

I am studying to become a teacher in primary schools in Ireland. I have just started my professional masters in Primary Education with Hibernia College and this blog will give you an insight into my day to day life as a student teacher.

I hope you enjoy navigating around my portfolio!

The BEST teachers teach from the heart, NOT from the book


9 & 10 month PME check in

I really feel time running away from me. It’s almost a week into July now and the past 2 months have genuinely flown by. I really feel as each month goes by, it just goes faster and faster. I think the last time that I did a check in was just before I started school…

8 month PME check in

Hello April! I cannot believe I am saying that. It’s April already. You know what that means. It’s almost placement time! Guys, I can’t believe since starting the PME in September that its officially the month where I begin placement! It has come around so fast! I feel like this is the month we have…

7 month PME check in

Another month down! I feel like I will be starting off every blog post saying this but really I think it’s crazy just how fast the months are going! It’s now March, daffodils are growing and there is, as they say, a grand stretch in the evenings! I am certainly noticing it and it’s making…